Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe

  • Jan 2025


The Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe covers topics such as:

  • Building a Leading Microbiome Company: How to put Your Foot Firmly in the European Market
  • Developing Microbiome Based Therapeutics: Leveraging Technology and Product Innovation to Develop Characterization Plans
  • How to Turn Outstanding Microbiome Science into an Effective & Efficient Product
  • GxP Sequencing Services & The Future of Microbiome Analysis
  • Overcoming Preclinical Challengesa
  • Establishing The First WHO International Reference Reagents for Microbiome Analysis
  • Engineered Enzymes Precisely Modifying Bile Acids, Treating Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Hyperlipidemia
  • Evaluating a Next Generation LBP Therapy for Patients with Dravet and ALS
  • Exploring the Latest Clinical Developments
  • Developing Microbiome Ecosystem Therapies Aiming to Improve Outcomes for Patients with Liquid Tumours
  • The benefits of the Capsugel® Enprotect® capsule for your Future Product Development
  • MH002, a 6-strain Optimized Consortium in Clinical Development for Ulcerative Colitis & Pouchitis
  • Microbiota in the ICU, Can We Anticipate New Targets?
  • A High-Throughput Screening Approach to Study Effects of a Multi-Strain Product in the Colon Using Rapid Metabolic Fingerprintingt
  • Rationally Designed LBPs- From Computational & Pre-clinical Data to Clinical Studies
  • The Leading CDMO for Live Biotherapeutic Products, Biose Was Founded Over 70 Years Ago and Has Been Manufacturing Bacteria As a Drug Under GMP Conditions Since Then. Heres’ a Few FACTs:
  • Potency, Dosing, Safety, Toxicology & More: Ensuring Your Preclinical Trial Will Reach Endpoints
  • Working With Microbiome Investors
  • Expanding our knowledge of Microbiome Derived Therapeutics
  • Start-up Landscape: Ensuring the Population Stays High
  • Getting Right Data That Allows for a Partnership for Biotech Companies
  • Drinks Reception
  • How Have Organisations Navigated Their Regulatory Path?
  • The Power of PoC: Quick Insights Into the Unknown
  • Exploring the EU Proposal for a New SoHO Regulation and the Impact on Microbiome-based Medicinal Product Development
  • Benefits of Single-Use vs. Stainless Steel Fermentation Technologies
  • Technology Challenges of Co-Cultivation
  • CORAL® Platform as Engine for Design of Optimized Consortia Therapeutics – Therapeutic Program in Spondyloarthritis
  • PharmaBiome NicheMap™: Deciphering the Interactions That Shape Microbiomes. Bringing
  • Microbiome meets Spatial Transcriptomics
  • The Microbiome Drug Development Searchlight Network is Challenging Traditional Thinking with how Drug Development is Done in the Microbiome Space
  • Examining Development & Manufacturing Approaches: Implications on the Long-Term Impact
  • The Potential of Using CRISPR Technology for Microbial Gene Therapy
  • Reprogramming the Microbiome in Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Microbiome Therapeutics: Key Challenges in Market Access
  • The Microbiome and Antibiotic Resistance: Opportunities for the Microbiome Business Plan
  • Landscape Review and Future Outlooks of Microbiome Therapeutics

The Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe might be held in Jan 2025.

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