Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe

  • Jan 2024


Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe is a conference that covers topics such as:

  • Definition of a Healthy Microbiome and If Disturbed – How to Shape It Back to Normal
  • Studying Microbiome-Host Interactions to Translate Microbiome Drugs into the Clinic
  • Microbiome in Understanding Human Biology, Disease and Diagnostics
  • Functional Analysis of Microbial Communities
  • Microbiome Research at NIBR: Microbial Metabolites That Modulate Host Functions
  • Using Metagenomic Dataset Delivers Druggable Targets
  • Delivery, Survival, Engraftment and Activity of LBPs in the Gastrointestinal Tract
  • FMT-Based Discovery: From Platform to Product
  • Preserving the Intestinal Microbiota during Antibiotic Treatments with DAV132: From Preclinical Studies in Hamsters to Phase 1 Trials in Humans
  • Clinical Development of Ribaxamse, an Oral-Beta Lactamase Intended to Protect the Gut Microbiome and Prevent C.Diificile
  • The Regulatory Challenge for Registering Live Biotherapeutic Products in Europe
  • Clinical Considerations of Rationally Designed Live Bacterial Cocktails
  • Oral Delivery of Live Bio-Therapeutics: Drug Product Development for FIM Studies
  • Manufacturing the Microbiome – An Industry Perspective
  • Modulating Human Microbiome: Bacteriophages and Their Practical Applications
  • Novel Approaches for Microbiome Modulation Addressing IBD, Cancer and Acne
  • Harnessing the Human Microbiome to Influence the Development of Cancer
  • Novel Approaches to an Ancient Therapeutic Strategy
  • Harnessing the Vaginal Microbiome in Contraceptive Development
  • Oral Polyclonal Antibodies as Targeted Gut Microbiome Modulators
  • The Microbiome: Translating Research into Discovery

Microbiome Movement Drug Development Europe might be held in Jan 2024.

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1299-1899 Pound Sterling (Estimated)
Hanson Wade

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