Secrets of Batch Process Scale-Up

  • 24-28 Jun 2024
  • Online Event


Secrets of Batch Process Scale-Up is a course that covers topics such as:

  • Scale-Up - An Overview
    • Overview of scale-up issues
    • Role of the Pilot Plant
    • Technology transfer issues
  • Process Design for Scale-Up
    • Importance of engineering in PDs
    • Process development strategies
  • Raw Materials
    • Large-scale charging methods and issues
    • Raw material and route selection
  • Batch Reactors
    • Characteristics of batch operations
    • Typical plant operations and equipment
  • Following Reaction Progress
    • Sampling methods / issues
    • Reaction endpoint determination
    • On-line analytical techniques
  • Temperature Control
    • Heat transfer in batch reactors
    • Large scale temperature control
    • Controlling exothermic reactions
  • Quench & Work-Up
    • Phase continuity issues and emulsions
    • Liquid-liquid extractions
  • Agitation and Mixing
    • Mixing limited reaction
    • Large scale mixing equipment
    • Mixing scale-up / scale-down
  • Crystallization and Precipitation
    • Controlling supersaturation
    • Basic principles / yield estimation
    • Scale-up issues
  • Distillation & Stripping
    • Azeotropes and solvent exchange
    • Differential distillation
  • Process Hazards and Safety Assessment
    • Process hazard assessments and evaluations
    • Common hazards in large-scale processing
  • Product Isolation and Drying
    • Filtration and drying equipment
    • Large-scale solid-liquid separations
    • Filtration and drying modelling

Secrets of Batch Process Scale-Up will be held on 24-28 Jun 2024.

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