Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) Annual Conference 2024

  • 02-05 Jul 2024
  • Clarion Congress Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic


The Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) Annual Conference 2024 covers topics such as:

  • Cell Biology
    • Chromatin structure and function in eukaryotes and beyond
    • Plant Cell Cycle
    • Skin stress and tissue homeostasis
    • Cell Polarity: Mechanisms and Modelling
    • Nuclear and Cytoskeleton Linkers
    • Phenomics: Automating Experimental Biology
  • Plant Biology
    • Protein versatility
    • Plant and algal cell walls: origin and evolution
    • Nutrient sensing and signalling
    • Exploiting genetic diversity for cereal breeding
    • Fruit development and ripening
    • Root biology: modelling across the scales into the rhizosphere
    • Epigenetics and chromatin
    • Calcium in green and other kingdoms; an evolutionary perspective
  • Animal Biology
    • Neuro-ethology and biomechanics of acoustic communication in vertebrates
    • General biomechanics
    • Mechanisms and functions of intraspecific variation: from genes to behaviour
    • Muscle-tendon biomechanics
    • Challenges to respiratory gas transport – incl.George Hughes presentation
    • Conservation Physiology of Marine Fishes
    • Remodelling of physiological systems in response to environmental change
    • What are the Limits to Avian Energy Expenditure?
    • Stress in the Wild: linking conservation physiology with endocrinology
    • Aquatic life in a warmer and higher CO2 world
    • General Animal Biology


  • Clarion Congress Hotel , Freyova 33, CZ 190 00 , Prague, Czech Republic

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230-650 Pound Sterling (Estimated)
Society for Experimental Biology (SEB)

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