2nd Symposium on World Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB 2024)

  • 22-24 Apr 2024
  • InterContinental Singapore(Hybrid)


The 2nd Symposium on World Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Molecular Diagnostics & Biomarkers
  • Breakthrough in Molecular Biology
  • Breaking Research in Cell Biology
  • Signaling Pathways and Therapeutic Targets
  • Research in Nucleic Acids
  • Cell and Development Biology
  • Biochemistry Research
  • Stem Cells

The 2nd Symposium on World Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB 2024) brings together:

  • Professors from universities
  • Scientists from research institutes in the field of cell and molecular biology
  • Leaders of enterprises 

Schedule of SWCR & CMB & PSCR 2024

Based upon GMT+8, Singapore Time

    Apr. 22, 2024 (Monday)


CMB Hybrid Session: Genetics & Genomics

CMB Hybrid Session: Protein, Peptide and Proteomics

SWCR Hybrid Session: Case Studies/Clinical Experience


SWCR Hybrid Session: Cancer Biomarker and Diagnosis

SWCR Hybrid Session: Cancer Genetics and Genomics

CMB Hybrid Session: Breaking Research in Cell Biology

CMB Hybrid Session: Molecular Diagnostics & Biomarkers


SWCR Online Session: Plenary Forum of SWCR

     Apr. 23, 2024 (Tuesday)


PSCR Hybrid Session: Cancers and Tumors

SWCR Hybrid Session: Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology 

SWCR Hybrid Session: Tumor Microenvironment

CMB Hybrid Session: Signaling Pathways and Therapeutic Targets


PSCR Hybrid Session: Plenary Forum of PSCR

CMB Hybrid Session: Advances in DNA & RNA Research

SWCR Hybrid Session: New Therapeutics and Targets

SWCR Hybrid Session: Liver Cancer and Pancreatic Cancers


SWCR Online Session: Cancer Informatics and Precision Oncology

     Apr. 24, 2024 (Wednesday)


SWCR Hybrid Session: Cancer Therapy and Treatment (Part 1)

PSCR Hybrid Session: Antibody and Vaccines


SWCR Hybrid Session: Lung Cancer

SWCR Hybrid Session: Immunology and Immunotherapy

CMB Hybrid Session: Biomaterials and Biological Engineering

PSCR Hybrid Session: Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders

20:30 -22:00   

SWCR Online Session: Cancer Therapy and Treatment (Part 2)

     Apr. 25, 2024 (Thursday)


PSCR Hybrid Session: Small Molecule Antagonists and Agonists

PSCR Hybrid Session: Infectious Diseases

PSCR Hybrid Session: Natural Products and Traditional Therapy


PSCR Hybrid Session: Inflammation and Immunology

PSCR Hybrid Session: Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics

PSCR Hybrid Session: Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

PSCR Hybrid Session: Pharmaceutical Biology and Medical Chemistry


  • InterContinental Singapore , 80 Middle Road, Singapore

More Details

299-3349 US Dollar (Estimated)
Life and Medical Sciences Innovation Institute (LMSII)

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