The 23rd International Conference on Networks (ICN 2024)

  • 26-30 May 2024
  • Novotel Barcelona Cornella, Spain


The 23rd International Conference on Networks (ICN 2024) covers topics such as:

  • New Internet technologies
    • 4G/5G and advanced mobile Internet
    • SDN, SDX, NFV
    • Internet, Virtualization and Cloud
    • Internet of X (everything, things, people, etc.)
    • Sensing and sensor networks
    • Internet and Big Data
    • Content-oriented networking
    • Energy-aware networks
    • Future routing mechanisms
    • Cellular cognitive networks
  • Communication
    • Communications switching and routing
    • Communication theory
    • Communications security
    • Communications modeling
    • Distributed communications
    • Computer communications
    • Multimedia and multicast communications
    • Signal processing in communications
    • Vehicular communications
    • Wireless communications (satellite, WLL, 4G, Ad Hoc, sensor networks)
  • Computation and networking
    • Fog computing
    • Cloud computing
    • Mobile computing
    • Internet computing
    • Real-time computing
    • Ubiquitous computing
    • Services computing and opportunistic computing
    • Big data-based computing
    • Fast data processing
    • High Performance Computing (HPC)
    • Parallelization of algorithms and applications
    • Fast switching and routing protocols
    • Energy-efficient High Performance Computing
  • Networking
    • Storage area networks [SAN]
    • Next generation networks [NGN] principles
    • High-speed networks
    • Access and home networks
    • Peer-to-peer and overlay networking
    • Optical networks
    • MPLS-VPN, IPSec-VPN networks
    • Mobile networking and systems
    • GRID networks, Cloud and Visualization
    • Vehicular Networks
    • Small cell networks
    • Broadband networks
    • Sensing and sensor networks
  • Next generation networks (NGN) and network management
    • NGN Device Instrumentation
    • NGN protocol design and evaluation NGN Standard Activities [ITU, TMF, 3/4/5GPP, IETF, etc.]
    • NGN policy-based control
    • Network Management, scheduling and policy
    • Management of autonomic networks and systems
    • Networks policy-based management
    • Mobility management
    • Delay tolerant networks
  • Networking metrics
    • Reliability, availability, serviceabiliy [RAS]
    • Quality of service, service level agreement [QoS/SLA]
    • Voice over IP services
    • Traffic engineering, metering, monitoring
    • Network, control and service architectures
    • Performance evaluation, tools, simulation
    • Network middleware
    • Network signalling, pricing and billing
    • On-demand networks, utility computing architectures
    • Telecommunication networks architectures
    • Applications and case studies
  • Cognitive radio
    • Cognitive radio and emerging technologies
    • Fundamentals
    • Mechanisms and protocols
    • Energy-aware, smart sensing and capacity-aware in advanced technologies
    • Measurement and management
    • Processing and devices
    • Applications


  • Novotel Barcelona Cornella , Avinguda del Maresme 78, Ronda De Dalt exit 15, Barcelona, Spain

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IARIA - International Academy Research and Industry Association

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