First Annual V2G Business, Policy & Technology Forum

  • 28 Feb - 01 Mar, 2023
  • Southern California Edison Energy Education Conference Center, Irwindale, CA, United States


The First Annual V2G Business, Policy & Technology Forum is dedicated to the successful development and implementation of V2G in the United States.

The First Annual V2G Business, Policy & Technology Forum covers topics such as:

  • The coming or stated EVSE/EV communications mandates in CA and DOT
  • Accelerating V2G in the emerging V1G charging standardization regime
  • The value and challenges of V2G
  • IEC/ISO 15118 -- what it is and what it isn`t
  • V1G -- its value, challenges and relationship to V2G
  • V2G-AC vs V2G-DC
  • V2G Use Cases and Pilot/Demo projects
  • The other standards for V2G -- J 3072, UL 1741 SB/SC, IEEE 2030.5, SunSpec Modbus
  • V2G in C&I workplace charging
  • V2G in residential charging
  • Fleets and V2G
  • Heavy duty vehicles and V2G -- trucks and buses
  • Cybersecurity considerations in V2G
  • V2G in travel charging
  • Mapping V2G-associated standards to a common CIM
  • Reconciling U.S. and European charging-related technologies, standards, regulations, and/or stakeholder expectations
  • Vehicle to Home (V2H) requirements vs V2G/V2B

The First Annual V2G Business, Policy & Technology Forum brings together:

  • Grid operations engineers and planners
  • Network strategists and executives at investor-owned, municipal, and rural utilities
  • Charging station infrastructure owners
  • EV program managers and fleet managers
  • EV manufacturers and charging network operators
  • Consultants and system integrators
  • Technology innovators and equipment vendors
  • Regulatory and standards professionals
  • Urban planners and municipal transporation analysts
  • Energy storage, communications, and power control solutions providers
  • Renewable energy providers and technology vendors
  • Researchers, analysts and university professionals
  • Financial and venture capital professionals

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