World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (WCST-2023)

  • 13-15 Nov 2023
  • St Anne`s College, Oxford, United Kingdom


The World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (WCST-2023) covers topics such as:

  • Renewable Energy Managements, Economics and Environmental Impact
    • Energy from waste
    • Climate Change
    • Environmental issues
    • Environmental assessments
    • Hazardous Chemical
    • Environmental policies and planning
    • Offshore pollution and oil spills
    • Innovative use of Renewable Raw Materials
    • Sustainable waste management technologies
    • Pollution prevention
    • Sustainability impact assessments and tools
  • Sustainable Energy Technologies
    • Energy
    • Bio-energy and Geo-energy
    • Energy Efficiency in Utilization
    • Energy in Transportation Systems
    • Energy Harvesting
    • Environmental Issues
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • Energy Resources for Portable Electronics
    • Energy Market, Management and Economics
    • Geothermal energy
    • Energy Efficiency in Utilization
    • Materials for Energy Resources
    • Intelligent Energy, Power Transmission Distribution, Interconnects and Protection
    • New Enabling Technologies
    • Nanotechnology in Energy
    • Off-grid Isolated Energy Systems
    • New Materials for Energy Resources and RF and Magnetic Field Energy Devices
    • Power Electronics and Energy Conversion
    • Policy Issues on Renewable Energy
    • Renewable Energy and Biofuels
  • Green Computing
    • Green Computing Geo-energy
    • Advanced IT energy-aware technologies
    • E-Inclusion
    • E-Cycling
    • Energy Efficient Ethernet
    • Electronic waste
    • Power-aware software
    • IT energy management
    • Component level power management, e.g., memory, disk
    • Power-efficient architectures and chip designs
    • Smart Grids applications
    • Power aware networking
    • Technology as Green Enablers (Grid, Cloud, Data Centers, Virtualization)
  • Education
    • Education and Training
    • Environmental Education
    • E-Society (e-Learning, e-Health, e-Medicine, e-Governance, e-Business, e-Art, e-Science)
  • Sustainability and Policy
    • Sustainable Development Policy
    • Sustainable Applications
    • Sustainable Technology Programme
    • Sustainable Innovations
  • Sustainable Building Design
    • Creative Industries
    • Building Design and System
    • Low and zero energy houses and buildings
    • Industrial Developments
    • New building materials and recycling
    • New Insulation materials and techniques
    • Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal
  • Waste Management
    • Industrial waste management
    • Agricultural wastes
    • Mining and mineral wastes
    • Medical wastes
    • Waste from electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE)
    • Nuclear and hazardous waste
    • Waste water treatment


  • St Anne`s College , Woodstock Road, Oxford, United Kingdom

More Details

450-600 Pound Sterling (Estimated)
Early registration date: 20 Sep 2023
Infonomics Society
Abstract submission deadline: 15 Aug 2023

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Government & Global Issues: Environment
Industry: Energy & Utilities
Science: Engineering, Environmental sciences
Technology: Biotechnology, Industrial technology

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