10th World Congress on Women´s Mental Health

  • 05-08 Mar 2025
  • Nimhans Convention Center, Bangalore, India


The 10th World Congress on Women s Mental Health is dedicated to the biological, psychosocial and clinical sciences of women’s mental health from family, individual, community, society and global perspectives.

The 10th World Congress on Women s Mental Health covers topics such as:

  • Women and psychiatric disorders
    epidemiology screening and assessment mood disorders anxiety disorders adh psychosis dementia substance abuse eating disorders suicide
  • Reproduction and women’s mental health
    sexuality and sexual dysfunction, puberty, pmdd, menstrual cycle, abortion, contraception, maternal mental health, infertility/assisted fertilisation, pregnancy loss, pregnancy and birth, midwifery, caesarean sections, postpartum disorders, infanticide, hormone therapy, menopause and older mothers
  • Etiology and prevention of mental illness in women
    brain differences, genetics, well-being, stress, psychological aspects of medical illness in women, resilience, gynaecologic cancer, consultation, cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, polycystic ovarian syndrome, autoimmune diseases, smoking and hiv/aids
  • Treatment issues for women with mental illness
    psychotherapies, psychopharmacology, complementary and alternative and new treatments
  • Political and sociocultural aspects of women’s mental health
    ethical challenges international women’s mental health, diversity issues, poverty, ethnic / cultural / religious challenges, war and natural disasters, trauma, violence, abuse, discrimination, feminism, women`s career development, global warming, women and leadership
  • Women’s mental health in special populations
    aging & elderly women, child & adolescent mental health, immigrants & refugees, indigenous and first nation women and lesbian mental health


  • Nimhans Convention Center , Hosur Road , Bangalore, India

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