11th World Hydrogen Technology Convention (WHTC 2025)

  • 2025
  • Dublin, Ireland


11th World Hydrogen Technology Convention (WHTC 2025) is dedicated to hydrogen energy and fuel cell Technology.

11th World Hydrogen Technology Convention (WHTC 2025) covers topics such as:

  • Hydrogen Production & Purification:Water Electrolysis Fossil Fuel Reformation Carbon Management Biomass Reformation Photochemical Purification
  • Industry Strategy & Policy
  • Hydrogen Safety, Standard and Management
  • Hydrogen Storage & Distribution:Pipeline Transportation Cryogenic Transportation and Storage Backup/Integration with Power Grid Hydrogen Compression HRS
  • Hydrogen Application-Heating--Blending in NG Industrial Combustion Residential Appliances
  • Hydrogen Application-Mobility and Transportation--Ground Maritime Aviation
  • Hydrogen Application- Industrial Processing:Steel Chemical Biofuel Biochemical
  • Hydrogen Application-Power Generation--Turbines Boilers
  • Fuel Cells:Materials Key Components Stacks Systems Manufacturing R&D

11th World Hydrogen Technology Convention (WHTC 2025) might be held in Dublin, Ireland in 2025.


  • Dublin, Ireland

More Details

540-1200 US Dollar (Estimated)
International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE)

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Industry: Chemicals, Electronics & Electrical, Energy & Utilities, Natural resources
Technology: Industrial technology

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