Asean Waste to Energy Week 2024

  • 14-15 Mar 2024
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


Asean Waste to Energy Week 2024 is a conference dedicated to status and needs of plastic waste, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), food waste disposal in Asean countries.

Asean Waste to Energy Week 2024 covers topics such as:

  • Ideas to tackle food waste and national trends across Asean
  • Best practice of global food waste management and treatment
  • Brought practitioners together with policy makers and entrepreneurs
  • Policies and actions in Asean,city manager`s dialogue
  • New technologies in recycling,sorting and treatment
  • Successful projects and several interactive networking sessions
  • Sustainable food waste management policies across the Asian countries
  • What investors need to make a project bankable
  • Food waste business opportunity in the B&R strategy countries
  • Resources and best practices to address food waste now
  • Challenge and high-impact opportunities with investors,funders and advisors
  • The use of outputs from the various treatment processes and how to best valorise them
  • Food waste treatment alternatives, from windrow composting to anaerobic digestion;
  • Commercial opportunities
  • Updates on outlook on rPET recycling and usage
  • The best recycling practices,challenges,issues and strategy adopted in providing the
  • Global management mechanisms about rPET bottles
  • How to build high standards,high quality plastic waste treatment project
  • Best plastic waste management
  • How to assist decision makers in plastic waste management departments to sort and collect transport work well
  • Plastic waste treatment projects operational excellent management
  • The future of the emerging plastic waste treatment market with industry leaders
  • Network and do business with the leading plastic waste treatment projects owners in Asean countries
  • How to shorten the project preliminary examination planning, environmental assessment, feasibility study, approval,land
  • How to coordinate finance,development and reform,land,planning,environmental protection,legal departments efficiently
  • Approval,report construction land acquisition,demolition and resettlement coordination time
  • Operational maintenance effectively
  • How government and investors resolve the conditions for cooperation in fairness and impartiality, major legal risks, and
  • How to design a YIMBY waste incineration project, process technology, project building standard, waste disposal service
  • How to leverage cloud computing, digitization, big data, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things technologies to
  • How to build high standards, high quality waste incineration power generation project
  • Waste incineration power generation projects operational excellent management
  • Improve combustion power generation efficiency and reduce flue gas emissions
  • Enterprise economic benefits
  • Waste incineration power plant equipment fault prediction and maintenance,clean compliance incineration, improve
  • How to assist decision makers in urban msw management departments to sort and collect transport work well
  • How to assist waste incineration power plants to treat exhaust gas(hcl sox nox dioxin mercury pm), waste water,slag,bottom ash, fly ash
  • The future of the emerging waste conversion market with industry leaders

Asean Waste to Energy Week 2024 brings together attendees from:

  • Housing and urban and rural development departments
  • Local authorities
  • Municipal commission of housing
  • Housing and urban rural development bureau
  • City appearance environment sanitation
  • Urban rural development
  • Environmental protection agency
  • Management administration
  • City appearance and environmental sanitation
  • Urban management administrative enforcement bureau
  • Public utility bureau
  • Management office
  • WtE plant design firms
  • WtE plant operators
  • WtE facility providers
  • WtE engineering company
  • Flue gas cleaning solutions company
  • Waste sorting company
  • Software company
  • Waste landfill company
  • Venture capital,Private equity
  • Investment bank
  • Law firm
  • Consulting company

Asean Waste to Energy Week 2024 will be held in Ho Chi Minh City on 14-15 Mar 2024.


  • Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

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929-1059 Euro (Estimated)
Early registration date: 04 Mar 2024
Abstract submission deadline: 07 Mar 2024

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