China (Guangzhou) International Pet Fair (CPF 2023)

  • 2023
  • Guangzhou, China


The China (Guangzhou) International Pet Fair (CPF 2023) presents products and services such as:

  • Pet Supplies:costume, beds, cages, toys, make-up, care and toiletries,
  • Packing, etc;
  • Pet food:staple food, snacks, food additives, food processing machinery, food
  • Instruction supplies, etc;
  • Pet care:pet hospital equipment, surgical instruments, pet medicine, biologicals, health feedstuffs, prescribing feedstuffs, test strips, reagent, etc;
  • Living pets:dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, chinchilla,marten, birds, lizards, etc;

The China (Guangzhou) International Pet Fair (CPF 2023) brings together:

  • Terminal markets: distributing centers of pet industry, fast track to brand promotion
  • Provincial and municipal agents: attend the fair and change the traditional channels in-depth
  • International buyers: selling products both at home and abroad, improve brand value
  • Hospitals and clinics: facing the end customer base, beneficial to brand popularity
  • Electric business online stores: combination of traditional and electric business channels
  • Pet chain stores: the most effective way in brand products’quickly cover
  • People like or raise pets: face to face with consumers, the best channel of product testing and market research

The China (Guangzhou) International Pet Fair (CPF 2023) might be held in Guangzhou in 2023.

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