20th China (Shanghai) International Casting Expo (CSFE)

  • 2024
  • Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), China


The 20th China (Shanghai) International Casting Expo (CSFE) is dedicated to casting mould, foundry, foundry equipment, foundry materials and foundry accessories.

The 20th China (Shanghai) International Casting Expo (CSFE) covers topics such as:

  • Casting equipment
    automatic pouring machine, Kinds of smelting furnace, core making center, molding line, sand processing equipment, sand mixer, shot blast cleaning equipment, sand reclamation equipment, precision casting equipment, die-casting machine, various robot, full mold casting device, nondestructive testing equipment, fast molding equipment, age-treatment equipment, cleaning environment protection equipment, casting mould, heat treatment equipment, casting processing equipment, casting defect repair equipment, de-dusting and purification system, etc.environmental protection technology, ventilation equipment, industrial air-conditioner, fan, negative pressure exhaust fan, various casting molds, industrial cleaning technology and equipment, casting mending equipment and infiltration equipment and casting clearing equipment
  • Casting
    motorcycle, Automobile, ship, machine tool, engineering machinery, wind power generation, heavy-duty machinery, rail transit, textile machinery, mining machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, power transmission and transmission, general machinery, petrochemicals, electronic communication, pipeline pump valve, building hardware, municipal engineering, pipe fitting, urban art casting and aluminum/magnesium/zinc/copper alloy die-casing
  • Instruments
    direct-reading spectrometer, Testing machine of mold sand machine property, three coordinate measuring machine, mechanics performance tester, high and low temperature impact test box
  • Foundry Materials
    paint, Foundry resin, ferroalloy, foundry pig iron, insulated feeder, non-ferrous metal, foundry coke, filter, precoated sand, silica sand, coal dust, chromite sand, refining agent, inoculant, vermiculizer, nodulizer, silica sol, dregs remover, etc. foundry raw and auxiliry material and refractory materials


  • Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) , 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

More Details

Shanghai Huaye Exhibition Co., Ltd, East China Casting Association, Shanghai Automobile Industry Association Automobile Casting Branch, Shanghai Mechanical Engineering Society

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Industry: Metal/Steel
Technology: Equipment & machinery, Industrial technology, Materials

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