20th Malaysian Finance Association Annual Conference (MFAC 2018)

2018 (Not Final)   Malaysia

The 20th Malaysian Finance Association Annual Conference (MFAC 2018) will be held in Malaysia in 2018 (Not Final).

The 20th Malaysian Finance Association Annual Conference (MFAC 2018) covers topics such as:

  • Management of financial institutions
    banking institutions issues, central banks and regulatory issues, mutual funds, hedge funds and private equity, islamic finance and risk management
  • Financial markets
    equity, debt, derivatives and commodity markets, asset pricing, financial engineering and innovations, financial market integration and linkages, market efficiency, portfolio management and diversification, capital structure, market microstructure corporate finance:: corporate governance, corporate diversification, financial modeling and valuation, mergers and acquisitions
  • Accounting
    corporate social accounting, auditing, international accounting, financial reporting and islamic accounting
  • Financial economics
    financial crises, exchange rate modeling, international parities, foreign direct investment, monetary and fiscal policy issues, international trade and finance

The Malaysian Finance Association Conference brings together Representatives from the Central Banks, Professionals from finance and banking institutions, Research institutions, Government bodies, Academicians, Professional associations, Industrialists and Post-graduate students.

90-300 US Dollar


Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

Prices are for evaluation only.

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