HDI 2018 Conference and Expo

2018 (Not Final)   United States

The HDI 2018 Conference and Expo will be held in United States in 2018 (Not Final).

The HDI 2018 Conference and Expo is dedicated to IT service and technical support topics including:

  • Strategies for achieving service management excellence
  • Marketing IT operations
  • Leadership transformation
  • The future of technical support
  • Executive View
  • Operational Excellence
  • Support Essentials
  • Team Dynamics
  • Metrics and Measurements
  • Customer Focus
  • Desktop Support
  • Service and support Technology

The HDI 2018 Conference and Expo brings together IT and technical support professionals including:

  • Directors and managers
  • Senior-level VPs
  • Analysts and technicians
  • Team leads and supervisors
  • CTOs
  • CIOs
  • Contact center professionals
  • Customer service
1595-2395 US Dollar


Please, check the official conference website for possible changes, before you make any traveling arrangements

Prices are for evaluation only.

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