Advanced Radiology Life Support (ARLS) Course

Advanced Radiology Life Support (ARLS) Course is dedicated to relevant techniques, new trends and advanced applications in diagnostic imaging with a focus on common problems encountered in clinical practice. The course covers topics such as:

  • Sonographic features of dermoids, endometriomas, peritoneal inclusion cysts, hydrosalpinges and physiologic cysts
  • MR imaging appearance of commonly encountered pancreatic, hepatic and renal lesions
  • Current applications of tomosynthesis, molecular breast imaging, BI-RADS in MR imaging
  • The normal variants of the uterus that can be misinterpreted as pathology
  • Application of nuclear medicine in the diagnosis of infection
  • Radiologic findings in the assessment of the male breast
  • and more

Advanced Radiology Life Support (ARLS) Courseis a Course dedicated to the emergencies that occur within radiology department.

The Advanced Radiology Life Support (ARLS) Course covers topics such as:

  • Proper use, administration and potential side effects of sedation and analgesic medications
  • Serious contrast reactions
  • Management of an airway in an emergency situation
  • Unusual characteristics displayed by persons who are experiencing airway obstruction
  • Pediatric sedation and airway management
  • Sedation guidelines for a Joint Commission (JC) site visit
  • Risk factors for and potential impact of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF)
  • Risk factors for and potential impact of contrast induced nephropathy (CIN)
  • Effective strategies for contrast administration in renal disease


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