We are very proud to organize the first Agritech event in Perú, a country that has demonstrated significant growth in the agricultural sector during the past decade thanks to the development of a highly diversified supply of agricultural exports, including many non-traditional exports (such as fruits and vegetables).

Whereas only a decade ago Perú focused on just a few agricultural exports, the diversification of its agricultural production in recent years has helped the country to become the world’s leading exporter of organic coffee, asparagus, and organic bananas and the second leading exporter of paprika. More specifically, Perú increased its agricultural exports from US $643 million in 2000 to US $ 2,700 million in 2008, an average annual growth rate of more than 17%.

In order both to showcase Perú’s unique growth strategy and to address the challenges Perú will undoubtedly confront in the coming years, Kenes and IPTIG have initiated a platform for bringing together the very latest agriculture technologies and professionals to interact, understand buyer-seller needs, and bring awareness to all segments of end users.An international conference on agriculture and industry presentations will be organized during the event.

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