Annual Developmental Disabilities: Update for Health Professionals

The Annual Developmental Disabilities: Update for Health Professionals covers topics such as:

  • Innovations in dental care for people with DD/ID and make patient recommendations accordingly
  • State and national advocacy, and policy issues surrounding insurance for those with special needs and creating to healthcare for children and adults with developmental disabilities in the 21st century
  • Awareness of social and cultural disparities, and implications for healthcare access and quality of care for individuals with developmental disabilities
  • Awareness of social and cultural models enabling bullying, indications of bullying, and how to take appropriate action
  • New knowledge about the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders and other behavioral disorders and develop strategies for appropriate referral
  • Informed healthcare for the sexual health needs of people with DD/ID, including counseling on sex education, birth control, and gender identity issues
  • State of the art healthcare for patients with movement disorders to improve quality of life
  • The current state of pivotal response therapy for autism spectrum disorders
  • Signs of early dementia in patients with DD/ID and recommend the most appropriate medical intervention
  • Current scientific research on cerebral palsy, prevention and treatment models

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Annual Developmental Disabilities: Update for Health Professionals 2020


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