Aseptic Processing and Validation

Aseptic Processing and Validation is a conference dedicated to overview of the requirements for aseptic and bulk manufacturing operations.

Aseptic Processing and Validation covers topics such as:

  • What the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expects of an aseptic filling operation including key differences in other regulated markets
  • Fundamental aseptic facility design principles
  • How to properly check equipment and systems in preparation for processing via process simulations media fills
  • Aseptic container-closure systems and leak testing
  • The importance of an environmental monitoring program
  • The difference between aseptic processing and terminal sterilization
  • Risk management strategies to aseptic operations
  • The technical fundamentals behind filter sterilization
  • The difference between isolators and barriers
  • Be in a better position to your clean room operations
  • Autoclave cycles and microbiological lethality
  • Lesser-used techniques in aseptic processing
  • Gamma and beta radiation sterilization
  • Dry heat sterilization and depyrogenation
  • The basics of lyophilization freeze drying
  • Ethylene oxide sterilization
  • The various types of pharmaceutical water, including water for injection; pure steam generators
  • Where cleaning validation fits in
  • Practical tips on how to manage your aseptic operations
  • How validation concepts are inter-woven

Aseptic Processing and Validation brings together:

  • Quality Control Department Management and Staff
  • Quality Assurance Department Management and Staff
  • Records Managers
  • Operations Department Management and Staff
  • Engineering Department Management and Staff
  • Production Management and Staff
  • Facilities / Maintenance Management and Staff
  • Validation Management and Staff

Future Events

Aseptic Processing and Validation 2020


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