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Just as networks are the backbone of modern communication, the operations support system, including billing and customer care functions, are the backbone of the communication service provider. A billing system along with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution provides telecom operators with a user-friendly interface for creating accounts, services, products and packages. Besides, the account information, product/service details, payment, adjustments, call rating details and invoices are all stored in the billing system, and making it accessible online can provide instant information to customers.

Churn management is another factor that has a huge bearing on an operator`s business. A billing solution is directly linked with overall customer satisfaction. The information captured by the billing system provides statistics on abnormal usage. This information is in turn used by the operator to effectively reduce churn.

Billing & Customer Care India 2010 is trying to deal with two major subjects which service providers today are laying extra emphasis on. One is a revenue generator and the other helps collect the revenue generated by improving the customer experience and helping the service provider make additional revenue by giving the subscriber a virtual home experience.

The conference will highlight the trends in next-generation billing and Customer Care. It will help to identify the major challenges facing monetization of content and help elucidate how the global trends are affecting billing processes. It will also provide insights into how billing must change as various networks are integrated, regulatory rules change and companies reinvent themselves. It will also offer the prime opportunity to learn Customer Care Standards & Strategies. The challenge for all operators in today`s market is to capture and retain inbound traffic, ensure quality and reduce costs of outbound traffic, and maximize benefits of Customer Care services. How to deliver great customer service through best practices in Collecting, Analysing, and Tracking Customer Feedback & Latest Customer Care Service Technologies.

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