Blockchain for F&B Supply Chain


Blockchain for F&B Supply Chain is an exhibition that covers topics such as:

  • Blockchain in Practice: From Hype to Reality
  • Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain to Transform the F&B Supply Chain
  • Establishing the Fundamentals for Ecosystem-Wide Industry Engagement & Collaboration
  • From Conversation to Action: Gaining Buy-In for Blockchain Investment
  • Managing the Transformational Change to Avoid Disruption
  • Identifying Opportunities For Blockchain Within the F&B Supply Chain: Leveraging its Potential
  • Enabling Small-Medium F&B Companies to Join the Blockchain Transformation
  • Industry Collaboration: Reviewing the Consortium Approach
  • The Convergence of Blockchain & IoT reinvents the Supply Chain for the Digital Era
  • Reaching Consensus on Data Sharing & Governance Within Blockchain Ecosystems
  • Technology Considerations & Requirements for Implementation

Blockchain for F&B Supply Chain brings together all key stakeholders across the supply chain.

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