Border Management Summit

The Border Management Summit is dedicated to tools, strategies and policies necessary to provide a 360° protective defense line across all ports of entry.

The Border Management Summit covers topics such as:

  • Examining Manners to Eradicate Transnational Criminal Violence
  • Best Practices From Foreign Borders
  • Improving Border & Maritime Protection Through Technology
  • Utilizing Biometric Identification Technologies
  • Meeting the Challenge of Securing and Managing the U.S. – Mexico Border
  • Delivering Effective Entry-Exit Systems
  • Disease Management - Protecting the US from Infectious Epidemics
  • Automated Border Controls
  • Strengthening the Protection of U.S. Borders Through the Use of Earth-Observation Satellites
  • Illicit Trafficking
  • How to Manage the Growing Threats of Smuggling, Terrorism and Counterfeit Goods
  • How to Simplify Border Transactions to Improve Trade Efficiency
  • Examining the Threats at the US-Canadian Border
  • What is a "Smart Border" and How Do We Get One?
  • Optimizing Interagency Operations and Intelligence
  • The Impact of Immigration Reform
  • Air, Land and Sea: Integrating Tools and Technology to Protect the U.S from All Potential Threats

Border Management Summit brings together government and military personnel from DoD, DHS, ICE, CBP, USCG, FBI, US Army and more.


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