Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 2020

March 2020 (Not Final)
Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London

The Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 2020 might be held in London, United Kingdom in March 2020 (Not Final).

The Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 2020 covers topics such as:

  • Pushing Frontiers to Drive Innovation and Differentiation
  • Red Monkey Innovation Management
  • Putting the Business Centre Stage of Change
  • The State of Corporate Innovation in 2017 – Learn From Your Peers
  • Using Gamification in Talent Management
  • Faster Innovation without Blowing Budget
  • Transformation, or Easy and Simple?
  • Customer-Driven Innovation: from Common Sense to Common Practice
  • The Fourth Architectural Revolution is Driven by Innovation
  • The Power of Change - A Personal Journey
  • Making Complexity Simple: Integration of Three Business Models
  • Changing an Organisation from a Blank Sheet of Paper
  • Strategy: A Crucial Enabler, Or A Tired Cliche?
  • Driving Innovation and Transformation by Design
  • Innovation through Simplification
  • The Balancing Act of Value Creation in Business Change
  • Dilemmas in Innovation - a Personal Account
  • Navigating the Journey to Successful Outcomes


Radisson Blu Portman Hotel
22 Portman Square,
United Kingdom
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Past and Future Events

   Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 2020  Mar 2020, London, United Kingdom (64947)
   Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 2019  18-20 Mar 2019, London, United Kingdom (68640)
   Innovation, Business Change & Transformation Conference Europe 2018  19-21 Mar 2018, London, United Kingdom (68639)


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