China Guangdong International Health Sleep Expo 2020

2020 (Not Final)

China Guangdong International Health Sleep Expo 2020 might be held in China in 2020 (Not Final).

China Guangdong International Health Sleep Expo 2020 is an exhibition that covers topics such as:

  • Sleep Health
    multifunctional bed, multifunctional beddings, health mattress, smart bed, health sleep system, medical mattress, functional textile materials, functional bedding, sleep room, sleep machine, new exotic sleep products, electronic sleep products, sleep-aid supplies(aroma, sleep improvement health products, essential oils, sleep lamp, etc.), ear plugs, sleep-aid food and beverage
  • Sleep Household
    3D mattress, bed, palm mattress, latex mattress, magnetic therapy mattress, jade mattress, anti-mite mattress, thermal mattress, spine care mattress, insulation mattress, sleep textile, moisture resistant mattress, health tea pillows, latex pillows, anti-snoring pillows, Chinese herbs pillows, memory pillows, traction pillows, pillowcase, and filling materials and ice pads
  • Eye Health Products
    eye patch, eye health food / medicine, eye care solution, eye ointment, eye massager / eye device, eye drops, eye mask, eye goggles, eye cosmetic instrument, eye meridian instrument and health glasses
  • Sleep Medical
    home sleep medical equipment, massage health care equipment, sleep monitoring equipment, sleep disorders medical institutions, sleep ventilator, sleep disease diagnosis and treatment equipment, sleep apparatus and other related equipment, insomnia therapeutic apparatus and sleep disorders rehabilitation drugs
  • Sleep Services
    Custom Sleep Services, Sleep Disorders Guidance, Sleep Club, Hypnosis, SPA, Sleep Environment Design and Construction and Sleep System Integration

Past and Future Events

  China Guangdong International Health Sleep Expo 2020  2020, China (83647)
  China Guangdong International Health Sleep Expo 2019  17-20 Mar 2019, Foshan, China (72897)
  China (Guangzhou) International Health Sleep Expo 2018  1-3 Jun 2018, Guangzhou, China (72896)


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