Dealing with Toxic People

Dealing with Toxic People is a webinar that covers topics such as:

  • Specific tactics, tips and tools for responding to toxic communications
  • The drivers of toxic behaviour – why they do what they do
  • A key to relieving your own frustrating
  • How to stay centered and present when faced with toxicity
  • How to get work done, have effective communications and not let them control your life

Dealing with Toxic People is intended for attendees:

  • Ever felt frustrated by the irrationality and unproductivity of the emotions of other people
  • A need to advise their staff who feel the workplace is toxic
  • Ever wanted to avoid a person or meeting because they knew it would be unproductive and they’d leave emotionally exhausted
  • Ever felt exhausted having to deal with these emotions
  • Ever reacted emotionally to a situation and after regretted their response
  • Replayed a situation after the fact trying to figure out "what happened" or "what I could have done differently"

Future Events

Dealing with Toxic People 2020


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