Echtdampf-hallentreffen (Live Steam World)

Let`s dive into the different areas of the steam world. We need to incorporate a few terms with which you can question if necessary by visiting the event. We differ in five areas that we want to tell you too.
1. Vapor Rail - these are vehicles that need to track where they move
2. Road Steam - these are vehicles that move under its own power along the road.
3. Water - ships that are steam-driven
4. Stationary steam - steam in a boiler house.
5. Special features: it can be a steam-driven bicycle or a sewing machine.

All areas are child-friendly design. By this we mean that just have the children under the supervision of adults have access to the exhibits. Professionals will be happy to explain all the issues and are prepared to engage with their child.

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Echtdampf-hallentreffen (Live Steam World) 2020


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