European Aqua Congress

The European Aqua Congress covers topics such as:

  • Aqua Culture Systems and Fisheries
  • Oyster production
  • The Aquatic Environment
  • Diseases of Aquaculture
  • Aquaculture Techniques
  • Fisheries Management
  • Environmental Impacts Of Fishing
  • Fish Hatchery
  • Post-Harvest Fish Lose
  • Algaculture
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • Aquatic Ecosystem
  • Integrated Aquaculture
  • Oceanography
  • Inland Saline Aquaculture
  • Methods of Aquaculture

The European Aqua Congress brings together:

  • Aquaculture and Fisheries Associations and Societies
  • Practicing Aquaculture farmers
  • Sea food organizations
  • Fishery science researchers
  • Industries
  • Educational institutes
  • Students

Future Events

European Aqua Congress 2020


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