Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Worn Dentition

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Worn Dentition is a Eastern Caribbean Cruise Conference Round-trip from Fort Lauderdale, FL dedicated to dental issues.

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Worn Dentition covers topics such as:

  • The Dawson Academies 5 requirements of occlusal stability-demystify occlusion
  • How to see the flaw in any smile-t he 12 steps to beautiful esthetics
  • When porcelain veneers are the right restorations, and when they are not
  • How to specifically diagnose and treat the worn dentition with confidence
  • Why a checklist must be used in every treatment plan, and what it should include
  • How to set up the gingival plane, for ideal aesthetics
  • When orthodontics should be considered instead of restorative dentistry-and how clear aligner therapy should be a part of every general practice
  • When a bite should be adjusted, and learn how to do it efficiently and predictably
  • How to take the appropriate bite registrations, to mount the provisional and master casts
  • How to take an ideal final impression of the very first try
  • How to communicate with a dental laboratory to get back beautiful, functionally correct restorations
  • The best method of articulation in cosmetic-aesthetic dentistry
  • To evaluate the different bonding systems available, and choose the right one for your all ceramic restorations
  • How to use these provisional restorations to communicate aesthetic & functional goals to the lab; and why this is will add unbelievable predictability to the end result

Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Worn Dentition brings together dentists and auxiliary staff.

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