Future of Cyber Conference

  • 21-23 Oct 2020
  • PVA Expo Praha, Prague, Czech Republic


The Future of Cyber Conference covers topics such as:

  • Cyber Security
  • Crisis Management (MoD, MoI, EMS, Security Forces)
  • The Way to C2 Systems Federalization (Technology, People, Security)
  • Cyber Defence / Offence
  • Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Cyber Conference brings together:

  • Representatives of the state administration and institutions managing important information systems
  • Experts in the field of information and cyber security
  • Representatives of private sector using cloud services and operating their own proprietary information systems, in particular banks, telecommunication companies, large industrial enterprises, etc
  • Representatives of CIIP organizations
  • Representatives of academia
  • Experts from organizations for which data protection and information systems are the important part of their business

The Future of Cyber Conference is being held in Prague, Czech Republic on 21-23 Oct 2020.


PVA Expo Praha
Beranovych 667 ,
Czech Republic
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Future Events

  • Future of Cyber Conference 2021

Past Events

  • Future of Cyber Conference - 21-23 Oct 2020, Prague, Czech Republic (91147)


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