GEO India


  1. Petroleum Systems and Basin Analysis
  2. Deep Water Slopes and Basin Systems
  3. Structural Entrapment and Hydrocarbon Plays
  4. Sedimentological Processes and Stratigraphic Models
  5. Reservoir Modeling and Characterization
  6. New and Extended Plays in the Indian Subcontinent and Global Basins
  7. Environmental Concerns in Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation
  8. Alternate Energy Developments in the 21st Century
  9. New Technology Leveraging in the E&P Business
  10. Frontier Exploration Areas in the Indian Subcontinent
  11. E&P Business and Regulatory Policy in India
  12. Hydrocarbon from Shale and Coal
  13. Gondwana Basins & Exploration Activities Therein
  14. Geospatial Technology and Astrogeology
  15. Student Presentations

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