Healthcare Infrastructure and Medical Technology - HIMT


Scientific Themes for HIMT 2011

  • Healthcare Facility: Plan, Design, Construction, Architecture (PDCA)
  • Modern Construction Technology & its application in Healthcare Infrastructure
  • Healthcare Engineering Services
  • Technology Advancement & Healthcare sector
  • Facility Management
  • Environment-friendly hospitals
  • Support and Utility Services
  • Future Hospitals and Technologies
  • Innovations

Salient Features

  1. The Conference on Healthcare Infrastructure and Medical Technology in the first of its kind being held in India.
  2. It aims of addressing the issues, challenges and opportunities faced by the stakeholders of the healthcare sector.
  3. It will provide a platform of synergy for Academic Interaction and Networking Leading national and international experts and policy makers in their respective fields – hospital administration, hospital architecture, hospital engineering, hospital project management, healthcare infrastructure and medical technology – will attend, participate and share their thoughts in this Conference.

Target Segment

  • Medical Directors
  • Hospital Administrations and Managers
  • Academicians
  • Hospital Planners
  • Structure Engineers
  • Project Consultants
  • IT Consultants
  • CEOs, Policy Makers and Senior Healthcare Professionals
  • Clinicians
  • Nursing Administrators
  • Medical Architects
  • Hospital Engineers
  • Equipment and Pharma Executives
  • Financial and Banking Institutions
  • Medical Architecture, Health and Hospital Management Students & Traainees

Future Events

Past Events


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Event Categories

Business: Facility planning & Management
Health & Medicine: Hospitals & Clinics, Medical technology
Industry: Construction & Building
Services: Architecture & Interior design

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