HIPAA - What`s new?

HIPAA - What`s new? is a course dedicated to the entire HIPAA Security Rule with simple methods to comply and create policy.

HIPAA - What`s new? covers topics such as:

  • Updates for the current year
  • Study all 18 Standards and 44 Implementation Specifications of the regulations
  • New definition of what constitutes protected health information
  • Requirements of Compliance Officers
  • BYOD
  • Real life litigated cases
  • Business associates and the increased burden
  • Portable devices
  • Texting of PHI
  • Emailing of PHI
  • HIPAA and suing - how this works
  • Federal Audit Process
  • Best resources
  • Risk Assessment

HIPAA - What`s new? brings together:

  • Any business associates who work with medical practices or hospitals (i.e. billing companies, transcription companies, IT companies, answering services, home health, coders, attorneys, etc)
  • Practice managers
  • MD`s and other medical professionals

Past Events

   HIPAA 2019 - What`s new?  18-19 Apr 2019, Miami, FL, United States (83436)

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