ICHP : International Conference on History and Philosophy

The ICHP : International Conference on History and Philosophy covers topics such as:

  • Historiosophy
  • Philosophy of history
  • Pre-modern history
  • Historiography
  • Sustainable history
  • Cyclical and linear history
  • Social evolutionism
  • The Enlightenment`s ideal of progress
  • Predetermined history
  • The validity of the Great man theory in historical studies
  • Historical accounts of writing history
  • Teleological sense of history
  • Speculative philosophy of history
  • Critical philosophy of history
  • Hegel and the force of reason
  • Metaphysics and history
  • Marx and theory of social change
  • Kant and idea for a universal history
  • Michel Foucault`s analysis of historical and political discourse
  • Comte and forced march of civilization
  • Narrative and history
  • History and education
  • History as propaganda
  • History and causality
  • The judgement of history


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