ICLC - The International Cognitive Linguistics Conference


ICLC - The International Cognitive Linguistics Conference covers topics such as:

  • Cognitive and Construction Grammars
  • Categorization, prototypes, and polysemy
  • Cognitive phonology
  • Cognitive corpus linguistics
  • Discourse and grammar, text and discourse
  • Cognitive semantics
  • Embodiment and situated cognition
  • Domains and frame semantics
  • Grammaticalization, language evolution, and change
  • Empirical methods in cognitive linguistics
  • Language development, impairment, attrition, and loss
  • Image schemas and force dynamics
  • Metaphor and metonymy
  • Linguistic relativity, culture, and ethnosyntax
  • Neural models of language
  • Mental spaces and conceptual blending
  • Usage-based approaches
  • Signed languages, gesture, and modality

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Science: Cognitive science, Linguistics

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