5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sciences (ICGES 2019)

  • 9-11 October 2019
  • Bangkok, Thailand

The 5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sciences (ICGES 2019) covers topics such as:

  • Greening the Fossil Fuels
  • Natural gas research and development
  • Sustainable coal use and clean coal technologies
  • Renewable Energy for Power and Heat
  • Carbon and Methane capture, storage and utilization
  • Wind energy
  • Green Power
  • Energy and Water
  • Hydropower
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaics
  • Energy and Health
  • Geothermal energy
  • Biomass
  • Power system economics, operation and control
  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution
  • FACTS and HVDC controllers
  • Microgrid and active distribution network management
  • Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Integration
  • Protection, reliability, and restructuring of power systems
  • Regulatory policies and program for implementation and control
  • Transformation of power grids to smart grids
  • Role and future of electric vehicles in smart grids
  • Energy storage and cyber security for smart grids
  • Green Energy in Transport
  • Green Industrial Technology
  • Biofuels in developing economies
  • Advance biofuel for a sustainable heavy-duty transport and aviation
  • Green Buildings and Infrastructures
  • Hybrid vehicles and its integration
  • Sustainable materials for buildings
  • Energy efficiency in building designs and management
  • Greening Urbanization and Urban Settlements
  • Integration of renewable energy sources in buildings
  • Settlement forms and functions and energy
  • Rapid urbanization and energy-environmental implications
  • Green Policies and Programmes
  • Low carbon city scenarios, plans and actions
  • Bioenergy supply management strategies
  • National bioenergy programmes: economic, political and social issues
  • MDGs and Green Energy
  • Mainstreaming low-carbon innovations
  • Green energy and energy access
  • Income generation with green energy
  • Increasing energy access with clean resources
  • Green energy and social benefits
  • Energy in food production and processing
  • Rural Development through Green Energy
  • New and Renewable Energy
  • Green Energy Education and Training
  • Energy Management, Policy, Economics and Sustainability
  • Sustainable Technologies for Energy Conversion
  • Energy Storage and Power Engineering
  • Energy Sciences
  • Green Design, Products and Manufacturing Processes
  • Sustainable Cities, Architecture and Green Buildings
  • Waste Management and Waste Water Treatment
  • Green Materials
  • Smart Grid / Smart City / Smart Mobility
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Bioresource and Bioenergy

The 5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sciences (ICGES 2019) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 9-11 October 2019.


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Future Events

  • 6th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sciences (ICGES 2020) - 2020 (65624)
  • 5th International Conference on Geological and Environmental Sciences (ICGES 2019) - 9-11 Oct 2019, Bangkok, Thailand (57740)


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