International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (ICMLG)


The International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (ICMLG) covers topics such as:

  • Governance
    • The impact on companies strategies of labor market conditions, labor force qualifications and social trends
    • The impact on companies strategies of changing legal regulations/frameworks
    • Identifying the locus of control – differences in finance vs. marketing dominated companies
    • Functional organizational dynamics – the changing role of marketing/R&D/operations, etc
    • Regional variance in within-company governance
    • Trends in corporate governance policies and procedures
    • Board composition for the global venture
    • External and internal influences on regional governance policy
    • Governance challenges in the family-owned business
    • Determining corporate/business unit/regional strategies – who is in charge?
    • Corporate social responsibility – stakeholder or stockholder driven?
    • Governance roles for venture capitalists/private equity funders
    • Corporate governance in emerging economies
    • Managing the public/private partnership
  • Leadership
    • Entrepreneurial leadership
    • Developing strategic leadership capabilities
    • Leadership and management Styles
    • Facilitating entrepreneurship throughout the growth cycle
    • Leadership for sustainability
    • Gender and leadership
    • Leadership in non-profit settings
    • Leaders role in innovation
    • Leading change and managing conflict
    • Leadership and the family enterprise
    • Leadership challenges – barriers to effective communications
    • Leading from the middle – centralized vs. decentralized control
  • Strategic and Operational Management
    • Big data analytics – challenges for knowledge management
    • Managing in the digital economy
    • Building and operationalizing go-to-market strategies
    • The entrepreneurs dilemma – managing on a small budget
    • Social innovation – more than the bottom line?
    • Issues in project management
    • Executive education/professional development for rapidly changing marketplaces
    • Managing across company boundaries – strategic partnering
    • Managing the customer experience – an outside-in view of the companies

The International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (ICMLG) brings together researchers, practitioners, and academics.

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