International Conference on Virtual Reality and Intelligent System (VRIS)


The International Conference on Virtual Reality and Intelligent System (VRIS) covers topics such as:

  • Semantic and cognitive aspects of virtual reality
  • Cognitive aspects, perception, user behaviour
  • Behaviour and activity generation
  • Depth perception, multimodal perception
  • Virtual agents, conversational non-player characters (NPCs)
  • Representations of self (avatars), embodiment, presence
  • AI technologies
  • Understanding and modelling human behaviour, emotions
  • Knowledge representation
  • Search, planning, reasoning
  • Robotics and perception
  • Natural language processing
  • Statistical learning, deep learning
  • Multi-agent systems
  • Multimodal interaction and experiences in VR/AR
  • Interactions / interactive and responsive environments
  • Human-virtual user/agent interaction
  • Machine learning for multimodal interaction
  • Dialogue modelling and generation, conversational and natural language interfaces, speech interaction for AR/VR
  • Human to human communication in virtual environments, collaboration and communication
  • Interaction devices, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)
  • Navigation and spatial orientation in VR
  • System components, virtual reality platforms
  • Systems, including techniques, performance, and implementation
  • Data generation, manipulation, analysis, and validation
  • AI platforms for VR/AR, cloud-based platforms
  • Vision for VR/AR, deep learning for VR/AR
  • Tracking, physical environment mapping, registration
  • Content creation and modelling
  • Standards and theoretical models for AI and/or VR
  • Environments for gaming, simulation, training
  • Generation of immersive environments and virtual worlds
  • Geometric modelling and design in immersive settings
  • Visualization, optimized and realistic rendering
  • Customization and personalization (e.g., for training)
  • Animations, crowd-simulation, character modelling
  • Data and knowledge representation, problem solving
  • Applications and use cases
  • Arts, leisure, and entertainment
  • Visualization concepts (including, e.g., spatial visualization, multimodality for visualization) and domains (e.g., scientific visualization)
  • Education, training, simulation
  • Gaming and game narratives, immersive storytelling and gameplay
  • Telepresence and collaboration, social interactions
  • Business, prototyping, productivity, design and architecture, evaluation
  • Evaluation metrics and methodologies
  • Healthcare and therapy
  • Methodologies
  • Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Data mining
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Decision support systems
  • Information retrieval
  • Intelligent control
  • Neural networks
  • Machine learning
  • Probabilistic reasoning
  • Data Visualisation
  • Intelligent image processing
  • Rough sets
  • Intelligent signal processing
  • Independent components analysis
  • Data fusion
  • Ontologies-Organisational Memories
  • Human-machine interaction
  • Evolutionary computation
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Intelligent measurement
  • Multi-Agent Systems
  • Neuro-fuzzy systems
  • Intelligent Databases
  • Intelligent Information Systems
  • Distributed Artificial Intelligence
  • Cooperative Artificial Intelligence Systems
  • Temporal Reasoning
  • Case-based Reasoning
  • Automation
  • Application areas
  • Robotics
  • Educational aspects of intelligent control
  • Business & Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Speech Recognition
  • Signal Processing
  • Process control
  • Data processing
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Computer Vision
  • Health, Medicine and Bioengineering

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International Conference on Virtual Reality and Intelligent System (VRIS) 2020


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