18th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 2024)

  • 2024 (Not Final)
  • Location is not final


The 18th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 2024) covers topics such as:

  • Functionalization and Conversion of C2-C5 paraffins
  • C1 Chemistry
  • Syngas Generation and Use
  • H2 Generation and Use
  • Reaction Engineering (Conventional and Modular Methods)
  • Electrocatalysis and Photocatalysis Fundamentals
  • Heteroatom Removal
  • Environmental Catalysis (Gas and Liquid Phases)
  • Conversion of Biomass and Biomass-derived Molecules
  • Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bond Formation
  • Catalysis with Ordered Porous Materials (MOFs, Zeolites, etc.)
  • In-situ and Operando Analysis
  • Theory and Computation in Catalysis
  • Catalysis for Chemical Synthesis (Commodity and Specialty)
  • Catalysis in Nitrogen Chemistry
  • Catalyst Synthesis and/or Characterization
  • Catalysis with Supported Metals
  • Catalytic Cracking
  • Catalyst Deactivation
  • Catalysis with Oxides
  • Emerging and Cross-Cutting Topics in Catalysis

The 18th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 2024) might be held in 2024 (Not Final).

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300-1250 US Dollar
International Congress on Catalysis (ICC)

Future Events

  • 18th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 2024) - 2024 (27960)

Past Events

  • 17th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 2020) - 14-19 Jun 2020, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, San Diego, CA, United States (57530)
  • 16th International Congress on Catalysis (ICC 2016) - 03-08 Jul 2016, China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing, China (27962)


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