International Trade: Strategies to Enhance Financing and Operational Success


International Trade: Strategies to Enhance Financing and Operational Success covers topics such as:

  • International trade to build revenues through sales and profit maximization
  • How to identify international trade opportunities; when you see lead from the Commerce Dept validate it with due diligence by asking hard questions to validate the leads
  • A tool box of methods to assist you in knowing if you have a comprehensive, bullet proof system for growing international trade into revenue; that is finding and evaluating opportunities
  • Effectiveness, suitability and adaptability of implemented solutions/corrective actions by implementing project management and/or CRM solutions
  • Problem solving methods to you assess which is best for your situation; that is, drilling down to particularize solution
  • To and to evaluate and prioritize solutions; that is using automated processes to direct successful solutions
  • Between proactive and reactive actions; how to make things happen with that safety net in place
  • Successful implementation plans; that is, project management structures to drive deliverables
  • Opportunity assessments effectively; aligning all necessary elements and benchmarking likelihood of success
  • Where an issue can be localized or must be evaluated in the larger context for systemic effect; conditions for scaling up
  • Where companies adopt best practices; know where you have to be to measure up such as with CTPAT

International Trade: Strategies to Enhance Financing and Operational Success brings together:

  • Customs Brokers
  • Trading Companies
  • Compliance Professionals
  • Regulatory Professionals
  • Record Retention Specialists
  • Document Control Specialists
  • Buying Agents
  • Legal Professionals
  • Export Management Companies
  • Selling Agents

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