ISG Future Workplace Summit


The ISG Future Workplace Summit provides an insight on how to leverage technology to redesign your workforce and workplace in a way that makes you competitive in the digital age.

The ISG Future Workplace Summit covers topics such as:

  • Are you supporting your employees with the right tools to improve performance and productivity?
  • How can your organization create a meaningful employee experience?
  • How are virtual offices changing your organization`s leadership strategy, and how should it change?
  • What can your organization do to use data effectively to improve retention, engagement and satisfaction?
  • How can your organization create a culture that is open for technology adoption and innovation?
  • In what forms should your organization be using existing AI capabilities to benefit your workplace?
  • How do you keep pace with workplace trends and the evolution of technology?
  • How is technology changing jobs and what are the skills that will be required for the future?

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