Manager Selection, Due Diligence & Oversight


Manager Selection, Due Diligence & Oversight covers topics such as:

  • What impact is the economy having on your current manager selection process?
  • How do you know if you’re hiring and retaining the right advisers and managers?
  • Manager selection and termination: What are the triggers for hiring and firing?
  • Fund governance: How does your culture determine your strategy?
  • On-going due diligence: Maintaining insight into your managers’ investment practices?
  • Setting targets, monitoring style drift and transitioning: With so many managers, how do you keep track of them?
  • Is it possible for investors to achieve a "dashboard" view of their exposure to investment risk?
  • How does your current manager selection process affect the value of your fund? Are there steps that investors can take to improve the current process?
  • Gain insight for managing liquidity risk. What are the alphas for less liquid strategies compared with more liquid ones?
  • Are there risk-reduction benefits of including currency hedging in your investment policy?

Manager Selection, Due Diligence & Oversight brings together:

  • Trustees
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Treasurers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • General Counsel
  • Controllers & Comptrollers
  • Corporate Governance Officers
  • Investment Officers
  • Investment Risk Management Officers at Pension Funds, Taft-Hartley Plans, Foundations & Endowments Institutional Investment Consultants

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