Mastering AP Internal Controls

Mastering AP Internal Controls is a webinar that covers topics such as:

  • The importance of defining business objectives
  • COSO and the COSO framework and its approach to risk assessment and control system development
  • The importance of the control environment and how it can be fostered and maintained
  • Key considerations in establishing internal controls
  • Examples of internal controls and using classification schemes
  • Various internal control classification schemes and how cross classification can help identify best practices
  • The Federal Trade Commission`s key principles of a sound data security plan
  • The importance of a data security plan
  • The importance of staff training in establishing the control environment and in the effectiveness of the control system
  • How to apply the FTC principles

Mastering AP Internal Controls is intended for:

  • Systems Consultants
  • Accounts Payable Supervisors and Personnel
  • Internal Auditors
  • Public Accountants
  • Enrolled Agents
  • Tax Compliance Officers
  • Company / Business Owners
  • Officers and Managers with Accounts Payable Compliance Oversight
  • Public Agency Managers
  • Managers/ Supervisors
  • Audit and Compliance Personnel / Risk Managers

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