CBT Lethbridge: Ten-Minute Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques for Real Doctors


CBT Lethbridge: Ten-Minute Cognitive Behavior Therapy Techniques for Real Doctors is a workshop that covers topics such as:

  • CBT for Anxiety
    • The key anxiety-causing beliefs
    • The new DSM-5 anxiety disorders
    • Highly modular and flexible treatment protocols
    • Skills to set the most strategic treatment goals
    • CBT`s acclaimed panic-intervention package
    • Effective interventions for chronic worry
    • Effective ways for patients to overcome social anxiety
    • Responses to "illness anxiety disorder" (DSM-5)
    • Simpler quicker ways to assess clinical progress
    • The basic skills needed to treat PTSD
  • CBT Tools
    • Comfort with the most versatile tools for your practice
    • The incredible utility of persuasion tools in medicine
    • Newly acquired tools under direct supervision
    • Implement the appropriate tool(s) in a given situation
    • Empathy addiction
    • More effective ways to motivate patients
    • How to non-negotiably orient patients towards action
    • More effective ways to get the patient on side
    • Overcome many vexing blocks to compliance
    • Ways to harness strong complaining for change
  • CBT for Depression
    • Teflon techniques to goalify complainers
    • Avoid depressions thinking traps
    • Maturity coaching for persistent depression
    • The skills to decisively manage indecision
    • Help patients delay procrastination
    • Good enough treatments for perfectionizm
    • Better ways to help the lonely connect
    • Releases from depressive rumination
    • Useful interventions for suicidality
    • Self-compassion for malignant self-criticism

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