Midlands Design & Manufacturing

Midlands Design & Manufacturing is an exhibition dedicated to end-to-end manufacturing cycle – from design and development through to packaging and despatch, and everything in between.

Midlands Design & Manufacturing presents products and services in categories such as:

  • Aerospace, Automotive
  • Adhesives and Joining Technology
  • Camera specially designed for Machine Vision - Intelligent, Black and White, Colour, High Resolution, High Speed, Line Scan and TDI, Infrared, CMOS
  • Automation and Assembly Technology
  • Chemicals
  • CD/TV
  • Design and Manufacturing Software
  • Components for Vision Systems - Cameras, Video Lenses, Telecentric Lenses, Filters and Accessories
  • Electronics/IT
  • Electronic Components
  • Extrusion Technology and Specialty Tubing
  • EMS
  • Filters, Membranes and other Components
  • Fieldbuses
  • Gears, Brakes and clutches, Valves
  • Food
  • Image Capture - Cameras, Microscopes, Scanners and Sensors
  • Government or Research Council
  • Image Output - Plotters, Printers and Recorders
  • Image Display - Display Controllers, Flat Panels, and CRTs, Monitors, Video Scan and Colour Converters
  • Image Storage - Disc, Tape and Hard Drives, Magnetic and Optical
  • Image Processing - Analysis, Board/Chips, Computer Enhancement, Frame Grabbers, Image Compression Hardware and Software, Imaging Systems, and Intensifiers
  • Laser and Marking Technology
  • Instruments
  • Manufacturing
  • Lighting Systems - LED, Incandescent, Fluorescent, Fibre Optic, Stroboscopic
  • Motors and drives, Robotics, Pneumatics, Sensors
  • Materials, Packaging, Pharmaceuticals
  • Multi-Axis Machine Tools
  • Motors and Motion Control
  • Non-Wovens and Tapes
  • Non-Contact Measurement
  • Other Micro-Machining Technology
  • Optical 2-D Measurement
  • Plastics Processing Technology, Resins and Raw Materials
  • Packaging Technology and Materials
  • Power/Utilities
  • PLC’s
  • Pumps
  • Print Optical Character Recognition
  • Sterilisation Services
  • Specialty Alloys
  • Verification Component Identification
  • Test and measurement, Industrial Networks, Motion control systems
  • Wire and Springs

Midlands Design & Manufacturing brings together decision-makers from design and manufacturing departments of the highest calibre from these industry sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Chemicals, CD/TV, Electronics/IT, Defence, Food, Engineering, Hospitals, Government or Research Council, Inspection, Industrial Control, Laboratories, Instruments, Materials, Manufacturing, Medical, Measurement, Oceanography, Meteorology, Packaging, Oil, Police, Pharmaceutical, Print, Power/Utilities, Process Control, Printing/Graphic Arts, Scientific, R & D, Surveying, Security/ Surveillance, Transporting, Telecommunication, Universities and Education.

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Midlands Design & Manufacturing 2020


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