4th PREDiCT:3D Models Summit 2020

  • August 2020 (Not Final)
  • Boston, MA, United States

4th PREDiCT:3D Models Summit 2020 is a conference dedicated to critical questions about the true utility and limitations of these models in pharmaceutical development.

4th PREDiCT:3D Models Summit 2020 covers topics such as:

  • Where 3D microphysiological systems have been validated and qualified as predictive models for drug safety and efficacy
  • Practical applications and the utility of 3D microphysiological models
  • The potential of 3D microphysiological systems as more effective and predictive in-vitro tools in the drug development
  • The latest advances in 3D Culturing and how to best implement them to enrich your pipeline
  • How to overcome the remaining barriers for pharma to truly adopt and implement these systems across the board
  • Bio-computational strategies utilizing complex 3D systems to increase predictability and translatability to the clinic
  • How to approach designing and engineering 3D tissue platforms

4th PREDiCT:3D Models Summit 2020 brings together senior attendees from the pharmaceutical industry and academia.

4th PREDiCT:3D Models Summit 2020 might be held in Boston, MA, United States in August 2020 (Not Final).


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Past and Future Events

  • 4th PREDiCT:3D Models Summit 2020 - Aug 2020, Boston, United States (67857)
  • 3rd PREDiCT:3D Models Summit 2019 - 4-6 Sep 2019, Boston, United States (60740)


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