Project Management for Non-Project Managers 2019

7 June 2019

The Project Management for Non-Project Managers 2019 will be held on 7 June 2019.

The Project Management for Non-Project Managers 2019 is a webinar that covers topics such as:

  • Specifying the project work to be done and establish the project`s timing and resource requirements
    • Naming key tasks
    • Develop the work breakdown structure
    • Special project situations
    • Making assumptions
    • Displaying the work breakdown structure
    • Long-term project planning
    • What to document
    • Categorizing project work
    • Reading and interpreting a network diagram
    • Purpose and function of the network diagram
    • Develop the initial schedule
    • Creating the network diagram
    • Gaming the schedule
    • Determine activity durations
    • Estimate the human resource requirement
    • Determine team member skills that are needed
    • Resolve resource overloads and conflicts
    • Meeting resource commitments
    • Developing the budget
    • Handling multiple projects
  • Introduction to Project Management -An Overview
    • What is project management?
    • What is a project?
    • What is effective project management?
    • The project manager`s role
    • The triple constraint, collaboration and flexibility
    • The five stages of a project
    • Determine and specify the business need
    • Project management pitfalls
    • Determine your project audience, i.e. project stakeholders, initiator, and champion(s)
    • Identify the project expectations, resources, and budgets -project scope statement/project charter
    • Determine/craft project objectives
    • How to work and interact with your audience
    • What are the project`s constraints?
  • Risk, the project team, project management and control
    • Identifying the risk factors
    • Risk factors and risks
    • Assessing and weighing risk
    • Risk types
    • Develop a risk mitigation strategy
    • Determine consequences
    • Organizational structures for managing projects
    • Develop your risk management plan
    • Team member roles and responsibilities
    • Define the key players and their roles
    • Authority versus responsibility
    • Assigning project tasks
    • Developing team operational strategies and procedures
    • The RACI Chart
    • Developing your team
    • Managing team activities
    • Working cross-culturally
    • Managing team and individual team member performance
    • Scope creep and how it is managed
    • Collaboration and flexibility -how are they executed and managed successfully
    • Work-effort tracking
    • Tracking and reporting progress
    • Communicating effectively -how to make it work
    • Managing the budget
    • When things go wrong -scheduling alternatives

The Project Management for Non-Project Managers 2019 is intended for:

  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Associates
  • Contract Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
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