The Battery Show Europe

The Battery Show Europe is an exhibition and conference dedicated to the advanced battery technology and solutions for:

  • Market trends and opportunities
  • Materials and chemistries developments
  • Utility / Stationary energy storage
  • Consumer/portable/ medical device energy storage requirements
  • Recycling and environmental considerations
  • Advanced automotive batteries – trends and technologies
  • R&D and Next Generation battery development
  • Battery safety, testing and standards
  • Manufacturing efficiencies and best practices
  • Repurposing / Second life of batteries
  • Battery management systems

The exhibition includes raw material and equipment suppliers, materials and testing and recycling services.

The conference covers industry developments in manufacturing techniques and materials, battery pack integration, insight into battery markets, electric vehicles and high power lithium ion battery cells.

The Battery Show Europe brings together scientists, technical leaders, project leaders, engineers, senior executives and buyers interested in advanced energy storage.

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