The Biennial Conference of the European Association for Research on Adolescence


We are pleased to announce the Twelfth Biennial Conference of the European Association for Research on Adolescence which will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference continues to highlight innovative research on adolescence and aims at facilitating the exchange of today`s knowledge and current ideas in this vast and still expanding area of research.

It is important to note that the subject of the conference - research on adolescence - includes perspectives from different branches of psychology such as clinical psychology, biological psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology as well as from other disciplines studying adolescence. The conference will highlight the latest research findings and will address topics that are of interest to researchers and those active in different fields of application.

Core topics to be addressed include well known as well as developing areas of research such as cognitive development, the role of social and economic change in adolescent development, contexts and processes of identity construction, families, parents, friends and romantic partners, life trajectories and change processes, transitions and adolescence, emerging adulthood, vocational development and work meanings, adolescent health and well-being, political development, citizenship and political participation, cultural perspectives on adolescent development, prevention, promotion and intervention projects for adolescent development, biological and neuropsychological aspects, pubertal maturation, and many others. It thus highlights new developments in terms of theory and methodology of interest to psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, biologists, and educationalists.

This conference brings together researcher and practitioners from different disciplines across Europe and all over the world who focus on adolescence. The understanding of adolescence in different countries is extremely important given the role that culture plays in the trabsition to adulthood. For this endeavour to succeed, participants of this conference will explore the state of this fascinating field of research and discuss their research findings. Therefore, we cordially invite researchers to share their insights at the Conference of the European Association for Research on Adolescence.

We are looking foward to meeting you in Vilnius in 2010.

Professor Rita Žukauskienė

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