The Conference on Inflammation (CI)

The Conference on Inflammation (CI) covers topics such as:

  • Resolution of inflammation
  • Molecular patterns and acute inflammation
  • Inhibitory receptors
  • Innate lymphoid cells
  • Immune checkpoints and immunotherapeutics
  • Co-stimulatory and Co-inhibitory pathways
  • MiRs in inflammation
  • New anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Respiratory inflammation
  • Ocular inflammation
  • Metabolism and inflammation
  • Skeletal muscle inflammation
  • Hypoxia, oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Infection, immunity and inflammation
  • Coagulation, fibrinolysis and inflammation
  • Nitric oxide, cytokines and inflammation
  • Inflammation and osteoporosis
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Inflammation and autoimmune diseases
  • Inflammation and cancer
  • Inflammation and neurodegeneration
  • Inflammation and cardiovascular diseases
  • Osteoarthritis, angiogenesis and inflammation
  • Inflammation and ageing, age-related diseases
  • Cigarette smoking and inflammation
  • HIV and inflammation
  • Diet and inflammation
  • Stress and inflammation
  • Exercise and inflammation
  • Sleep and inflammation

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The Conference on Inflammation (CI) 2020


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