The 9th Conference on Nanomaterials (CN-BT 2019)

  • 13-15 December 2019
  • Arnoma Grand Bangkok, Thailand

The 9th Conference on Nanomaterials (CN-BT 2019) covers topics such as:

  • Ceramic and Glass Materials
  • Biomaterials
  • Coupling of Multiple Ferroic Order Parameters
  • Computational Material Science
  • Crystallographic Domain Engineering
  • Crystal Defect Engineering
  • Domain Size Effect, Grain Size Effect, Small Particles, Thin Films
  • Domain Microstructure Evolution
  • Experimental Characterizations
  • Electronic and Magnetic Materials
  • Fundamentals and Characterization
  • Ferroic and Inter-ferroic Phase Transformations
  • Kinetic Pathways of Phase Transformation and Domain Switching
  • Giant Magnetostrictive Materials and Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Magnetic Materials
  • Multiferroic Materials and Composites
  • Materials Performance
  • Processing and Product Manufacturing
  • Nanotechnology and Materials
  • Strongly Piezoelectric Single Crystals and Polycrystalline Ceramics
  • Shape Memory Alloys and Martensites
  • Theory, Modeling and Simulation at Different Length and Time Scale

The 9th Conference on Nanomaterials (CN-BT 2019) will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 13-15 December 2019.


Arnoma Grand Bangkok
99 Ratchadamri Road, Pathumwan,
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400-600 US Dollar
12 May 2019
Engineering Information Institute (Engii)
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  • The 9th Conference on Nanomaterials (CN-BT 2019) - 13-15 Dec 2019, Arnoma Grand Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand (83401)
  • The 10th Conference on Nanomaterials (CN-BT 2020) - 2020 (53741)

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  • The 8th Conference on Nanomaterials (CN 2019) - 3-5 Jan 2019, International Asia-Pacific Convention Center Sanya, Sanya, China (53740)
  • The 7th Conference on Nanomaterials (CN 2018) - 13-15 Jan 2018, International Asia-Pacific Convention Center Sanya, Sanya, China (47050)


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