The International Conference on Organizational Strategy, Business Models, and Risk Management (OSBMRM2018)


The International Conference on Organizational Strategy, Business Models, and Risk Management (OSBMRM2018) covers topics such as:

  • Business Models
    • Customer Satisfaction and Retention
    • An Effective Business Model for the Risk Identification
    • Business Model which translate the Corporate strategy into Shareholders` value
    • Business Model Innovation Techniques
    • Long-Term Basis for Measuring Management Performance and Awarding Compensation
    • Effect of Customer Satisfaction on the Corporate Investment
    • The Effects of the Product Failure Rate on the Quality of Manufacturing
    • Application of Key Performance Indicators for Track performance and Award Compensation
    • Company`s Strategy and Business Model in the context of Firm`s Risk Tolerance
    • An Effective Business Model for Identify the Risk
  • Organizational Strategy
    • The Efficient Models for developing Corporate Strategy
    • Identification of the Key Performance Indicators for Strategy Development
    • Corporate Strategies Requirement for Binding the future too closely to the past
    • The Role of Environment, Resource and Stakeholder In Corporate Strategy
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Organizational Architecture
    • Organizational Design and Development
    • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    • Control and Ownership Structures
    • Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
    • Rights and Equitable Treatment of Stockholder
    • Internal Corporate Governance Control
    • Green Strategy for Product Development
    • Green Strategy for Project Management
    • Green Strategy for Consumer Protection
    • Green Strategy for Consumer Behavior
  • Risk Management
    • Practical Risk Management
    • Risk Handling Strategies
    • Risk Transfer Strategies
    • Risk Management of Financial Information
    • Risk Management of IT
    • Resource Risk Management
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Risk Management of Natural Disasters
    • Risk Management in Petroleum and Gas
    • Medical Device Risk Management
    • Risk Management Techniques for Active Trades
    • Security Risk Management
    • Operational Risk Management
    • Risk Management and Critical Infrastructure Protection
    • Investment Risk Management
    • Risk Management in Banking Industry
    • Risk Tolerance Evaluation Techniques
    • Event Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk response

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